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@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 16 hours

RT : Check out my preview for tonight’s against the at T-Mobile Arena! #vegasgoldenk…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 2 days

Play better than any we’ve had. Like, since we’ve been alive. With the worst…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 3 days

Deal him please... get him out of that dumpster fire. You lose two conference championships in a row. In…

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 3 days

If “Yeah fuck off #liverpool” was a #photo... 😂😈

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 3 days

The lies bro. Us OGs remember this type of football. Used to be . 😈

@TQtheTrojan@TQtheTrojan - 3 days

HEADS UP BOYS!!!! We got people open in the box early on every run!!!! Gotta look up!!!! 😈

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