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May 14, 2015by T Q1

IMG_0693-2.JPG I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a Valentine type dude. I don’t know when this started… Maybe in 6th grade when I gave La Trece Polk some candy hearts and she left them on her desk. I don’t know… maybe that broke my heart? Maybe not… I know that pissed me off though. Lol. My “lovelessness” has been well documented since. Most of my die hard fans know that this is the day that “I’m always outta town.” Going right along with tradition, I’m outta town. While most of you will be knee deep in roses, chocolate, and jizz, I’ll more than likely be drunk as fuck turning up for Mardi Gras… BUT things most definitely have to change. Just because I don’t have a Valentine doesn’t mean I have to hate! Shit I even tried it this year… Me, her, and her, just doesn’t seem to fly on this date even with the thottiest of thots. Lol. Let me stop. All bullshit aside, if you are in love today (with the right person) I’m happy for you. Be in love next year too ok? Enjoy yourselves today. Make everyday like today. Nothing like finding that one… Nothing like losing that one. Do what you can to stay in love… (With the right one). Do what you can to get the fuck out if that muthafucka ain’t right. Imma say this and leave it. Roses and chocolate can’t fix a black eye. Now for the rest… U lonely boo? You have no Valentine plans? Somebody did you wrong so your V-Day will be SHIT? Somebody got you “Sideways” and you can’t shake it? Caught your old man with his side chick? Recently divorced? Just flat out horny? lol I’m not gonna lie. I can’t fix it… But I put something together for your viewing and listening pleasure…  Check out my rendition of Citizen Cope’s “Sideways.” Download the song for FREE and please SHARE IT. The video drops FAT TUESDAY so come back and check it out! Please post and embed all over the place. Go to all the hater sites and post it in the comments… Piss a bunch of dudes off lol… Share the song, post the video, and I’ll surely give you a shout out right behind it.  New Music Tuesday is back. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! PS: My bros… Don’t have a cow man. “I’M COMING HOME” and droppin’ some of that real shit for y’all shortly. Damizza is mixing as I post this. Baby Ree in this bitch. U oughta know I’m not leaving y’all like this…

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  • Nikki Bird

    February 14, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    Thank you, we can always rely on you! & as mean as it may sound, it’s good to know I’m not the only one not feeling this day, loool! Hope to see you back in the UK soon, much love to you homie #Westside4life


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