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Strictly at TheReal TQ.com. It’s my 20th anniversary so I’m offering some different combinations of old and new. Get thePlatinum Bundle, all signed by yours truly. The magazine “TWENTY,” a new TNSMC Hoodie, and what about some fresh, custom Chucks from @lunaloveyourself. Get it today! Tees come in Black, White, and Grey. Hoodies and Chucks are black only. Pick your color and size below. 

– TQ

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The new album is dropping soon…

 Go big. Get the Platinum Bundle.  Pre-order it now exclusively at TheRealTQ.com. Get the REVOLUTION download before it drops, a signed CD copy of the new album AND a new 2oth anniversary copy of  TNSMC, The iTQ App for free, a signed Revolution album T-Shirt, a TNSMC Hoodiee, a TNSMC 20th Anniversary wristband, the new “TWENTY” Lyric magazine, and a custom pair of new Chuck Taylor Converse commemorating 20 years of real, soul, music from TQ. ??

Click to read more about the new album “REVOLUTION”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Weight 74 oz

Black, Grey, White


Extra Large, Large, Medium


US 10 Mens, US 10 Womens, US 11 Mens, US 11 Womens, US 12 Mens, US 13 Mens, US 5 Womens, US 6 Mens, US 6 Womens, US 7 Mens, US 7 Womens, US 8 Mens, US 8 Womens, US 9 Mens, US 9 Womens


Large, Medium, Small, X Large, XX Large


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