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Get TQ’s Official Got Smoke T-Shirt exclusively at TheRealTQ.com. The new single “SMOKE” comes with your purchase, and for the holidays, get TQ’s holiday EP “Christmas in Compton” for FREE!!

Get the new single right here on the music page at TheRealTQ.com.

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BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!! Get Your Official Got Smoke T-Shirt TODAY and get “Christmas in Compton” for FREE!


TQ’s new single “SMOKE” is produced by DJ Supajames and DJ Albert Ramirez for Projeckt X Music.

The new record is a slow but aggressive groove that brings elements of jazz and the west coast funk for which TQ has been known for years.


Official 2022 Got Smoke T-Shirt 2 | TheRealTQ.com



This T-shirt purchase comes with a free download of the song, which will be attached to your sales receipt, and for the holidays, you get TQ’s “Christmas in Compton” Holiday EP for FREE!!




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Wear the shirt, and please encourage your friends, family, complete strangers, and anybody else you can find that loves really good R&B music to get one too!


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