PhotosStrictly 4 My Fans…

February 6, 2016by admin

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to be a TQ fan. Most have been forever. I literally remember 21st birthdays, first kids, marriages, divorces of those marriages, you name it! Being that the majority of my fan base is in Europe and Asia it definitely puts a strain on the relationship. Middlemen create divides. Whether it be record labels, promoters, publishing companies, or the like, theres always something standing in the way of an indie artist to get to his fans. Mine wanna see me live at all costs and they deserve it. Last summer I found a couple friendly venues that allowed me to come in and have a little party with some of my die-hards. Needless to say we had a fucking ball…

And we doing the same damn thing again this year. Stay tuned.


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