Not For TV.

This page is for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

This page is not for TV. If you want to stream music, watch videos, check out some merch, or link out to the platforms, this is not the place for you. Click around in the menu for those spaces. You’ll love the MUSIC page in particular. This page is something else. This page is the future. I’m dropping new, exclusive music and other content in a variety of ways, none of which are conventional. Buy in! Consider it an investment, if you will.

Buy a TQ NFT. Fund as much new music, live shows, and pretty much anything else we want. Call this the TQ Kickstarter page. All investors become “Trojans Emeritus,” AKA all access. AKA, you’ll never pay for another song or buy another ticket. And I’m not stopping anytime soon.

These drops will come with a ton of one-of-a-kind perks for the investor. First, and most importantly, the original master recording is stamped into the collection and only revealable by me. I’ll give you access with your purchase. Secondly, a wall-sized canvas of the artwork or poster signed and personalized by me. A certificate of authenticity that makes you an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER for my upcoming projects, and credited as a contributor on the album packaging.

Own it with me. Create an account on OpenSea or elsewhere and sell it yourself for a profit if you like. Don’t worry, I’ll get my cut. It’s stamped into the files! These NFTs are owned by me and you. Get it? We can hustle if you like. πŸ‘€πŸ˜‰πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’°

For me, your purchase of these originals at a premium price is a living budget from which to create. I want to make more music and more experiences for my fans. It’s a new way of funding this music and these experiences. These songs and digital assets will release here first, live here exclusively, and will be available in limited quantities.

When they’re gone, they are gone forever. Click the button below and visit my NFT Marketplace.



Written by TQ. Produced by SupaJames and DJ Albert Ramirez for Projekt X. (NFT ONLY)

All gas. No brakes. You had a little disagreement. She’s taking it there though… putting a 20 on it. She’s sub-posting on Instagram. Talking big shit on the phone. You meet for your date and she shows up tipsy already, ready for some drama. You take the opportunity to catch up as soon as you reach the restaurant. Now you’re both talking greasy over dinner… After dinner we can fight, f*ck, or leave. We can do whatever you want, my dear…

Come on and get this smoke.

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