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January 12, 2018by T Q


#Fact: People who grew up in the 90’s have a major problem with the majority of today’s music. We get it. You need some rest and relaxation.

I was headed down the same road for a while but I consider myself having ample tech knowledge, so Spotify and Shazam together changed my life in more ways than one. As a music listener I’ve been the absolute best program director that I’ve heard in years. (We won’t talk about my take on it as an artist ?). I completely play the shit that I want to hear. Then I notice that when I share these songs a lot of my friends and followers chime in on how music was so great back then… and they’re right. It was great. What’s even greater is that music has no cap on its shelf life. These databases will last forever. Your library will never out date  . It will continue to grow as it fills with classic after classic. Get it? We actually have more freedom and access as listeners than we ever have. I have the ability to completely tune out the bullshit in my car, at my house, and in my phones. These places are now filled with great music 24/7. Literally I listen to more great music now than I ever have. I suspect that will be the case year after year… 

That brings me to this…

A couple of months ago an enterprising young music entrepreneur contacted me with a business proposition. The most appealing part of her idea was that it gave me the ability to brighten your day frequently. I was intrigued. It was something that I’d never done so I hit social media and did some research. I shared this post and the engagement confirmed how good of an idea this was…

Skyy Hook Radio Rest and Relaxation show

Click the button above to download the Skyy Hook radio app on your phone from the App Store or GooglePlay.

This is my homegirl Skyy Hook’s creation. It’s an online radio station filled with our kind of music. Real. Soul. Music. The various shows throughout the app are curated with some of the best mixes of the best music available. The DJs are great and each show is built around people with real musical knowledge and an ear for the kind of music our generation wants to hear. Go follow Skyy Hook. She’s always up to something. She’s also partnering with yours truly for the all new “R&R with TQ” Show on Skyy Hook Radio. 1 hour every week of real, soul, music mixed and mashed up by ya boy. High emphasis on R&B and Hip Hop of the 90’s and early 2000s, but if you know me, you know I like to throw a curve ball every now and then. ?

I’m excited about having a new platform to play and talk about the music I like, but also a great way to interact with my fans on a weekly basis. Download the app and familiarize yourself with it. Watch my site and pages for more information including the official launch date, which we’ll be announcing soon.

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