#NMT – TQ Covers Drake’s “Nice For What” (Lyrics)

May 4, 2018by T Q0

#NewMusicTuesday on #NewMusicFriday…

If you haven’t heard it, heres my take on Drake’s new single. As soon as I heard it I wanted to flip it. That beat just took me back. From the club to the Saints game and anywhere between, when you hear this drum program in New Orleans shit lights up.

That stuck with me…

Stream and download the song by clicking the button in the player… I see that Facebook is not allowing some people to hear it so I’m taking off the restriction to download the track. Just click the Download button in the player under the video.

Everybody get your muthafuckin roll on.
Suga Slim told a nigga make a slow song
Gonna make Baby mad.
But we can’t go wrong.
Shirts off when that Way of Life came on.
Go get the women man…
Go on sang to ‘em.
Leave that gangsta shit to Gillie you and Wayne do ‘em.
See it’s a whole different thang we could brang to ‘em.
1st class flight to Louie Armstrong came to him.
Nigga what we doin?
Now I’m hitting corners.
I see they thicker down here than California.
And they show it off
But it’s alright
Let her show it off
Cuz she alright
It’s a short life…
Baby u a real one and I respect it you can tell me anything with that accent.
You really had enough of these niggas,
You gotta be nice for what to these niggas?
I understand.
You got 100 bands. You got a Cayenne.
You been looking for a West Coast kinda man
That HoodRich dropped you was even bad then
I asked you where u lived. Under the bridge.
Oooh Imma like her cuz she hard headed
You hear that Trigger Man nigga that’s what started it
I drink and I know things I learned from the best…
Late nights in labs with Mannie Fresh!
Nigga back in the day when Tanto had the kit
Not another nigga in the city fuckin with it!
I’m leaving House of Blues with Kristal…
She drove from Baton Rouge so quick tho…
Just to bend a corner
And she pretty like the girls in California
And she show it off
And its alright let her show it off
Cuz she alright its a short life!
I remember Juvie took me uptown to his old hood
They was playing westside and it was all good.
I felt right at home in the Nolia.
Pour out some liquor.
Rest in peace to you Soulja the music miss u.
And they do that clap clap cuz they still witcha
Man that 2nd line Sunday thats a motion picture.
I told Weezy he was ugly he don’t fuck with me.
But he the coldest muthafucka from the city ever!
To the corner…
Screaming FREE BG from California
What your waiting’ on?
Another Killa Stone?
Man fuck that bring a nigga home!
Bring a nigga home!

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