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January 16, 2018by T Q

The new TQ Album “Revolution” drops this Summer!

“I’m working on my next album “Revolution.” I’m just putting some finishing touches on it actually. I’ll say it’s triumphant. It shows a lot of growth. It shows me how far I’ve come. If you like my old music you’ll prolly like this a lot. It’s got a purpose so it’s a bit more serious than my later work. When you create with a calling, you’re free to create from the soul and this is all its about. This album will probably alienate some people. It’ll prolly cause you to pick a side. Writing it caused me to examine myself and my place. My aim is that it does the same for you…

Ain’t gonna do it without BEATS though… 

We got beats.”

The Revolution is coming… This time it will be televised.

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