NEW TQ SINGLE | Damizza Presents: WE DON’T CARE (Feat 2 Chainz and Clarissa Serna)

May 1, 2015by T Q0

#NMT on Friday!!! We’ve been in the kitchen… Cookin’. Time for some appetizers and bread… #MAY8th Damizza Presents the new TQ single from Legendary 2.0! “WE DON’T CARE” Feat 2 Chainz and Clarissa Serna will be available in the all new #iTQ mobile app dropping #MAY8th in the Apple app store, Google Play, and right here at TheRealTQ.com! Meanwhile check out the Official Soundcloud link and stream at will! Please share and leave comments… Thanx! #MAY8TH We on…

Damizza Presents New TQ Single We Don't Care

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