New TQ Single – Taylor’s Song

May 24, 2016by T Q

New TQ Single “Taylor’s Song” Thanksgiving 2016…
Happy Holidays!!! While many of us are guilty of taking the small things in life for granted, I’m trying my best to change that about myself. I travel to many different places on earth and periodically I run into stories that cause me to stop and think. “How blessed am I?” “How many things do I have to be thankful for?” When I start naming off things I get a bit embarrassed. I’m infinitely blessed… I’m like WAY UP! Health and family, a roof over my head, and knowing where my next meal will come from. I make music for a living which was my dream as a kid. I’ve got my 5 senses, a sound mind, and all my limbs. I could literally do this all day… so I figured I should spend this Holiday season helping somebody. While it’s easy to help a family member or a loved one, what about a stranger on the other side of the world? Most of you guys have read my blog about my little friend Taylor Lewis Marshall’s battle with Meningitis. So you know how much of an inspiration he is to me, (If not, read Taylor’s story HERE) I’m a father. I couldn’t imagine one of my boys suffering through a debilitating disease like #Meningitis. Consequently, it’s hard to imagine any child faced with that kind of ordeal. Well Taylor fought it, beat it, and is on his way to a wonderful, happy, and healthy, life. With our help, he’ll be a testament to countless people going through some kind of struggle in their lives… As he has been to me. Taylor kept on fighting and keeps on smiling. I’ve stolen his methods and so should you… Due to that fact I want to find him a leg. Taylor’s family receives half of the proceeds as a result of the sale of our new single “Taylor’s Song”. Please watch and share our new music video and purchase the song on iTunes or your favorite online store. It’s also available on all the streaming sites such as Spotify and Soundcloud. Click the links to stream the song and each time you listen, please #Share it across your networks. Most of all, please read up on Taylor’s Story and donate to his cause at his new website www.TaylorsSong.com.

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Taylor's Song