NewsNEW SINGLE – Damizza Presents: TQ – Coming Home

May 14, 2015by T Q0

I’m working on something… Check out the new single and please share it, but get ready Trojans. We ain’t taking long for nothing. There’s a LOT more to this next album than an album. Coming soon… Present Day: (INTERIOR) JAIL CELL Titus’ last day of jail. He’s sitting in his cell thinking to himself. VOICEOVER: Home is where the muthafuckin’ heart is right? Well it better be clean when I get there… Fresh off a bid and I hear my ol’ lady has been having the time of her life. No money on a nigga books. Every visitor I’ve had in the last 6 months seems to have the same story… “Bro bro… Your chick is a #THOT.” Talking to my little brother brought it all together though. Lotta shit been going on around my house. It’s the spot these days. Yeah… We gonna see about that.


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