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by TQ, 2012

  1. In My Lap
  2. Soulja
  3. Paradise (Feat. Crazy Bone)
  4. Whatchagondo
  5. S.E.X.Y.
  6. Proud Mary
  7. Ain’t The Same
  8. Pumpin Feat. Lac & Low
  9. Ebony Eyes
  10. I Don’t Know (Feat. Jagged Edge)
  11. A Little Bit Of Love
  12. Paradise Remix (Feat.B.G.)



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2009’s “Paradise” linked TQ with the late Static Major for the lead single and title track. The songs concept about reuniting with loved ones in the afterlife took on an eery reality when Static sadly passed away shortly after the song was released. For obvious reasons, TQ would decide to move to the follow-up single “S.E.X.Y” as the next release and it would prove to be a great move. To date, “S.E.X.Y.” is TQ’s biggest indie single and his most viewed video. The single would garner significant radio and video airplay in the US and abroad.

“All in a matter of a short couple months, I went from gassed about finally working with Static who was my favorite writer, to devastated hearing of his passing. It took the life outta my first single. We wrote the record about heaven… Paradise. I don’t even perform the song anymore.”


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