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Kind of Blue

by TQ, 2012

  1. Pop Pop Feat. Mikkey Halsted (Snippet)
  2. Centerfold (Snippet)
  3. Electronic Bandman RMX (Snippet)
  4. Valentine’s Day (Snippet)
  5. Hollywood (Snippet)
  6. Kind of Blue (Snippet)
  7. Mamacita (Snippet)
  8. Cry (Snippet)
  9. Frosty (Snippet)
  10. Blue Lites (Snippet)
  11. Kill Jill (Snippet)
  12. Trouble (Snippet)
  13. 2Nite (Snippet)
  14. Wett (Snippet)
  15. U. (Snippet)
  16. Girlfriend (Snippet)
  17. Unbelievable (Snippet)
  18. Centerfold Rock Remix (Snippet)
  19. Centerfold (Acoustic RMX) (Snippet)
  20. Electronic ElectrikMix (Snippet)


Kind of Blue

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Recorded almost entirely abroad, “Kind of Blue” had a bit of something for everyone. TQ’s experimentation with dance and electronic sounds infused with his brand of reality R&B made for an entertaining sonic ride from start to finish. This album showcased some of TQ’s best writing skills and showed the growth from a young musician to a bonafide veteran at his craft. The singles “Electronic,” “Hollywood,” and “Bad Girl” were released in different territories. The album featured The Ying Yang Twins and Glasses Malone among others with mostly European production from Germany’s Vibekingz and NGU Productions.

“I was pretty much living in Europe when I recorded the album. It was a time in my life where I just wanted to stretch. I’d spent the better part of ten years traveling the world and I wanted write about my current life as opposed to the past. It made for a more upbeat album than any of my previous releases or any since. Sometimes you wanna prove to yourself what you’re capable of. This was the album where I really stretched and got out of my comfort zone.”


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