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February 14, 2017by T Q

Love Day 2017…

Thousands of people are losing the battle with emotional sanity today. Men are trying to pick the right thing. Women are gassed and geared up for absolute bliss or a devastating let down. Songs are written, movies made, and stories told about love’s big day, have been and will continue to be created as long as we’re breathing. All of them put together leads me to the question, “What is this really about?” When I think of it all, it seems really contradictory…We’re gonna pick a day to show our love to the one we love the most. Pick a day?

I think this is where all the added pressure comes from… maybe if you show it enough for 364 days, this one day wouldn’t be so stressful. I mean how hard is it to love the one u love? Why do we make that so difficult?

I’ve been in relationships before where I’ve been guilty of this, so I’m not exempt. What was it that caused me to not show up with a periodic box of chocolates or some flowers? Why did I wait till Valentines Day? (Prolly cuz she was a witch… j/k ?) Knowing most of us men procrastinate with this kinda shit, the 14th comes like a tornado off in the distance coming to fuck your house up. I’m just wondering if it really has to be that…

Like what’s love got to do with it?

Being single gives you a different perspective… especially when everybody’s somewhere boo’d up and you’re at home watching all-star weekend festivities. (Or having a threesome… j/k ?) Most of my Love Days ended in sheer terror. Everything from “We should get married” to objects being thrown at me with violent intent… and that was the same chick. Lol!

Evidence that the shit will drive u crazy if you let it.

Don’t let it.

If you love somebody it’s natural. Nothing is forced. There should be no pressure. You don’t know why… you just do. If that’s the case, then for you Valentine’s Day is just another day. You may just use it as the day to knock the dust off the whips and chains… or various other party favors.

Maybe not.

Brings me to this assessment…

If Valentine’s Day is a big enough day for you to lose your rabbit ass mind when it doesn’t go right, you may need to reevaluate how much you really love that person you’re with…

Or how much they really love you.

Just a thought… from a novice on the subject. Now I’ll leave it to the experts.

Happy Valentines Day.


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