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February 16, 2019by T Q0


Now what?

So headed into my 21st year the question is what comes next? The 21… I thought I had it all figured out. I was gonna ride off into the sunset. I would be done by now, never to be heard from again. That was from the brain of one who had suffered at the hands of the “business” side of the music business. Somewhere something switched. Somewhere everybody joined hands, closed their eyes, and went dumb. Somewhere it was decided for me that sunset was not an option.

I went shopping for a new pen…

I couldn’t find any new ones. They were all old and used. Some were stained with blood. Some with sweat. Some with tears. I didn’t want any of them. I was looking for something new and shiny and free flowing. All these pens were weighted. None of them wrote smoothly. I wanted to leave that store in my head, but the doors were locked and there were no employees left to let me out. So what do I do but sit there and write?

So I just sit there and write…

A couple minutes in and it all comes back to familiar for me. I have deja vu. I’ve been in this place before and thank God I have returned able. I’m here to provide some balance for your playlist and balance for your thoughts. In my 21st year it all comes with a purpose.

That being said…

What I’m not here to do is bash the new music or the new musicians. That ain’t balance. There’s a place for everything. People use music to make them feel good their way. If some cat repeats the same 4 words 300 times in his song and it makes some people go nuts then so be it. He’s done his job. This art form has always been about communication and soul. Whatever emotion it’s creates, let it be… as long as it creates some kind of emotion. If a group of people love a song, who is anyone to judge them for what touched them? Like most of us, I don’t wanna listen to most of this new music, but I’m not gonna just shit on it either.

We just need some balance…

Use the platform to touch somebody. Create a feeling with the gift God gave you. That oughta be the mantra for a recording artist. Music without feeling should be classified as something else. Us “Old Heads” need a bit more feeling than our younger counterparts so bring that ass on over to TheRealTQ.com when you’re in need. I got you.

20 years worth…

Let’s start the 21. ??

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